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Military Sangar and Observation Posts

Observation Posts are usually vital necessities for force protection. An observation post consists of a small enclosed space. Observers in a Sangar are vulnerable to rocket, mortar fire and small arms fire. The walls of these observation posts are made of steel or, preferably, reinforced concrete with a composite style liner.

Outside these walls a yielding steel mesh rocket screen is needed to catch, disrupt or detonate any incoming projectiles launched at the Sangar. Inside these walls a standoff is needed to protect the occupants from any sudden bulge or residual fragments.

The roof of the sangar should preferably be reinforced concrete with a composite style liner held on a Defence-Structures frame. Above this, with a standoff, should be a yielding steel mesh mortar screen. Below the roof should be a liner at a standoff to protect the observers from sudden bulges in the roof or residual fragments.

In the walls of the observation post are fitted embrasures. These are formed holes in the reinforced concrete wall with steel backing plates. They are equipped with sliding steel closers or with sliding polycarbonate panels.

The entrance to the Sangar, if at ground level, is a steel door with lesser protection, from the "safe side", though this may be protected by cover from view screens and/or rocket screens, depending on the threat. If the OP is to be elevated it should be built on a Defence-Structures tower. Access is then from the underside through a trap door. The sides of the tower need protection of rocket screens and walls, or at the least cover from view screens around the access ladder or stair.

The rocket screen in front of the embrasure may need drop-gates to allow improved view but rapid closure.

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Ground level observation post

The above sketch shows the following:

a) Steel entrance door from the "safe" (far) side.
b) Drop panels on rocket screen may be needed to improve view.
c) Perimeter walls may be hardened or may be simple Cover From View Screens.
d) Embrasure

Tower observation post

The above sketch shows the following:

a) Mortar screen/Rocket screen around.
b) Hardened roof.
c) Embrasure.
d) Access from underneath (may be simple Cover From View or may be hardened panels).

A sangar style observation post

The above sketch shows the following:

a) Elevated Sangar with embrasures and trap door.
b) Steel gates, plain or hardened.
c) Cover from view screen.
d) Elevated tower.
e) Vehicle check points and search bays.
f) Staircase with cover from view screen.
g) Crash out traps.
h) 4m high clear under roof steel

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