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Mortar Roofs

There is no foolproof method of guaranteeing perfect safety from mortar attack. Our mortar defense structures provide a viable solution to the problem. A building mortar bomb defence will be improved with Defence-Structures mortar roofs consisting of:

a) A yielding steel grillage mounted on yielding steel supports on a stand off above the roof. This will catch, disrupt or detonate mortar bombs.

b) A reinforced concrete deck built onto composite style steel decking. This will stop penetration of small fragments. Larger more energetic fragments, though they may pulverise the concrete and bulge or even penetrate the steel decking, will have lost most of their energy. The concrete deck is supported by steel frames.

c) A standoff below the concrete deck to the normal roof of the building designed for climatic protection but probably able to stop any remaining fragments.

d) Where large calibre anti tank rockets are being used as mortars, but on a medium trajectory instead of high, the defence structures mortar roof may need additional bracing against the horizontal kinetic energy of the projectiles.

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A mortar roof

The above sketch shows the following:

a) Galvanised steel mesh roof over
b) Composite galvanised steel roof ready for your concrete hardening
c) 2m overhangs at both ends and both sides
d) 4m high clear under roof steel

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