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Blast Gates

Nothing can give total safety against forced access but strong steel blast gates can improve security. A blast gate should preferably open outwards, and close to form a V barrier which will jam if forced from outside. They should be fully clad to give cover from view; or clad in solid steel plate to give protection against small arms and artillery shrapnel.

The blast gate should be covered from an observation post on one side or both sides. It would be better if the gate can be surrounded by blast deflecting walls. It would be better still if the blast walls had a labyrinth or dual lock gate, so that in coming trucks enter, and stop surrounded by blast wall and gate. Such dual lock blast gates would be able to save many lives if methods of attack used in the past were repeated.

Defence-Structures chain hedgehogs are a lightweight, transportable and effective standby gate.

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Lock gates with a blast wall

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